Mock Award Titles to Celebrate Small #WFH Wins

May 21, 2020 Lane Hokanson



Frankly, we think putting on pants is difficult on the most regular of days. Now that it's low-key the end of the world? That sh*t deserves a prize. We put together 23 of the previously-everyday tasks that now earn you a medal.


#WFH Wins Mock Award Titles

Want to nominate your team with some of the awards below? Just copy and paste into an email, Teams chat, or include in ePraise to send to your coworkers, friends, and family members.


The Necessary Unnecessary Dress Award


Yay, you put real pants on today even though you didn't have to. That's a real achievement, in our book.

Got Out of Bed Award

That takes a real effort. Great job at working from the couch instead.


Didn't Have Yourself on Mute This Time

It's okay, Karen. It happens to us all.

Finally Finished the 1000 Piece Puzzle

We get it. There were lots of the same color and you swear each piece is pretty much the same. What color is sky blue, anyway?


Didn't drink before noon

The prize for this is: a drink at 5 pm.


Didn't multitask on a video call

Honestly, during most of our video calls, we're also replying to emails, finalizing orders, and checking our Instagram. So the fact that you committed to pretending to listen is a reason for celebration.


Didn't get crumbs in my keyboard

Frankly, at this point in the pandemic, our keyboard is starting to resemble the tray in the bottom of a toaster.


Logged on before 9 am

The shorter the commute, the more likely we are to be late. So the fact that we're typically 12' away from our laptop means...we're at least 7 minutes late every day.


Didn't show my coworkers a new TikTok

Way to go, you millennial you.

Kept work life and home life separated

Technically, it's all under the same roof, but 9-5 is Dolly Parton business time and not time to use a toothbrush to scrub the grout.



No, Netflix, I'm not still watching.


Only texted my mom 3 times today

As per usual, she is the Font of All Things Wisdom-Related, and all of this at-home time gives us a lot of space to ponder the big questions: how do you clean the oven? How many spiders is it normal to have? Can I give myself a haircut?

Finished a marathon

As long as you count dog walks. Because I've taken 800 dog walks and that equals at least 26.2188 miles, I'm pretty sure.

Actually social distanced

Kept the 6' picnic an actual body-length apart. We commend you for doing your good deed.

Didn't touch my face for a whole hour

This is HARD to do. All jokes aside, you really do need an award for this accomplishment.


Best amateur chef award

Hello fresh, who is she? We're up in here, sprinkling our seasonings like Salt Bae and putting garnish on EVERYTHING.


Treated my roommates to an in-person rendition "My Heart Will Go On"

Basically, I'm my very own American Idol, and I have voted myself in.


Took a mental health day

Burnout is real, especially when it's hard to separate work life from home life. So taking a little time off and unplugging from your responsibilities is definitely award-worthy.


Didn't beg my boss to go back to the office

We never thought we'd say it, but we really miss work and being away from our family. Sure I love my boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I want to spend 100% of my time with him. I miss my microwave small talk friends.


Only ordered takeout twice this week

I'm calling it hometown heroism, but my budget disagrees.

Was my very own tech support

I tried unplugging it, and plugging it back in. It worked.

Showed my new coworker the ropes



Finished the sad, lone can of green beans that's been sitting in your pantry for 4 years

Who knew, all it took was a global pandemic and an almost complete inability to go to the grocery store to finally clean off your own shelves?


We could come up with these all day, but our boss said we had to stop or she'd award us with "Most Likely To Get a Pay Cut". All jokes aside though, as fun as mock awards are, appreciation really does matter. Whether you print out some badges for your team, send them some ePraise, or an everyday gift, make sure to share with your team just how much they mean to you!

Need more ideas on how to mock honor your team? Check out remote ways to say thank you, ways to empower your team, fun ways to celebrate them, and more!


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