More Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2011

February 24, 2011

Did you have problems joining my Recognition TV webisode ? Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties that prevented some people from viewing the broadcast. If you weren’t able to join us, we’re so sorry! You can watch the recorded webisode on our website. We are still editing out the 2 minutes of technical difficulties, but you can view the video now. I recommend you can skip from 50 seconds to 3 minutes. 

We had some great questions about Employee Appreciation Day from our chat audience that I wanted to elaborate on. If you have questions or ideas, please post a comment! 

1. How do you celebrate Employee Appreciation Day at multiple locations?
Bridging the gap between multiple locations is always a huge challenge. Create a planning team made up of members from all the different locations and assign one chairperson for each location. This team can even plan virtually. 

I recommend using the same recognition theme and hosting the same activities and celebrations at each location. Then share your experience through pictures and videos. Post these on your Facebook or intranet page so employees can experience the activities at all the different locations. 

2. What if employees can’t get away from their desks or work in a retail environment where you can’t play Employee Appreciation Day team games?
In the past, we’ve created custom Bingo games and puzzles that employees can complete at the desk. We’ve played trivia games virtually and given prizes to the first correct answer. 

Bring Employee Appreciation Day to the employee. We’ve brought around a treat cart to each employee to hand deliver a small treat. You could also put snacks or treats in a break room where everyone can see them. Make sure to communicate your plans with employees so they don’t miss out on the Employee Appreciation Day treat. 

3. What are some cost effective Employee Appreciation Day ideas?
My favorite means of recognition are handwritten notes, and they’re one of the most affordable ways to appreciate employees on Employee Appreciation Day! Encourage managers to have a personal note at each employees’ desk in the morning. 

You can also host a potluck! The company can provide a few items, and employees bring in dishes to share. This is always an employee favorite at Baudville because employees get to swap recipes and try new dishes. 

If you want to play a few games, we often host Minute to Win It games, and these are easy to do and affordable. You often only need a couple of items from the grocery store. 

Finally, Employee Appreciation Day gifts don’t have to be expensive. Use our Employee Appreciation Day gift finder to search for gifts by price. We have lots of options under $5 each! 


Cindy is the Human Resources Manager at Baudville and has over 14 years HR experience. In addition to her HR Generalist duties, she’s the center of positive mojo for the company and heads up many of our recognition initiatives, events and awards. In other words, she’s got it going on! Follow Cindy on Twitter @CindyGilmanPHR for HR updates from the place for daily recognition! 

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