My Five Favorite Fascinating Finds: Know-How for November!

November 14, 2014

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am on a mission to lose 15 pounds by January 1st. So, for partly selfish reasons, but also because I believe it will help others as well, I am making November's Five Favorite Fascinating Finds post all about health and wellness. Knowledge is power, and each of these articles provided me with a powerful a-ha moment!


1. I am a child of the 70s/80s—when fat was our biggest enemy and foods labeled "lite" and "fat free" began hitting the grocery store shelves in force. My family bought the concept, and I brought the fat phobia into my adult life and shopping habits. This led me to believe that an entire bag of gummi bears was a perfectly acceptable dinner and also to commit a litany of other horrible dietary crimes. It wasn't until recently that I learned that not only are some fats good, but also that many low-fat options contain tons of sugar to make up for the missing flavor. And, guess what? It turns out that sugar (and sugar substitutes!) might be the real causes of weight and related health problems. Dang! Check out this article that gives some practical tips for breaking the sweetener habit: "Sugar is Eight Times as Addictive as Cocaine."

2. Have you ever heard the phrase "eating your feelings"? While some of us go into starvation mode when we are stressed or upset, many of us experience emotional eating instead and look to heavy comfort foods to soothe what's ailing our minds. I found this piece "Slim by Design: An Interview with Brian Wansink " to have some thoughtful ideas on how to manage eating when our mood is in the driver's seat. It also has a link to some tools that help you understand how your environment can affect the way you eat. Just so you know, I answered the abbreviated 10-point scorecard and got a two. Oops!

3. While I've gone wrong in some of my health habits, at least I can say that I have this one down: getting adequate sleep. I insist on at least seven hours a night, but usually get eight. That means shutting off Project Runway before the week's winner is announced or turning down weeknight invites that would keep me up until the wee hours. Boring? Sometimes. But you know what's exciting? Feeling alert, cheerful, on my game, and a whole bunch of other things that I don't even know I'm feeling that fall under the category of "good." Check out "Sleep is More Important than Food" to see what I mean!

4. Whether it's Andy Gibb making my morning by shuffling onto my Spotify dancefloor or Justin Timberlake reminding me to bring sexy back by upping my pace on the elliptical, it's undeniable that music moves me. According to this infographic "The Health Benefits of Music" it's doing that and more. So, I say: turn it up!

5. If I'm learning anything, it's that the mind has so much to do with wellbeing. And, at least for me, being kind always feels mentally better than not. A lot better. To keep up the goodness in the wake of World Kindness Day , it seems opportune to share "12 Ways To Invite Kindness Into Your Life." I'm focusing on # 2 and #4, FYI.

I hope you enjoyed this month's edition. Cheers to a happy, healthy November and beyond!

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