National High Five Day Scavenger Hunt

April 21, 2016 Audrey

National High Five Day is Thursday, April 21!

Since the olden days (of 2002), National High Five Day has been a hallmark of April. It's the sole reason many of us look forward to the month... Okay, maybe you've never celebrated High Five Day (or even heard of it) but THANKFULLY, this year you've stumbled upon our humble blog and can take advantage of this truly awesome, seemingly made up holiday! It has a completely real website, fyi.

This year, we plan to celebrate by doing a scavenger hunt! So wash your hands, put on a big smile, and let's get started!

High Five Scavenger Hunt:

To play, high five...

  • someone with a beard
  • a gal pal
  • a bro bud
  • someone taller/shorter than you (whatever's harder!)
  • with both hands, a.k.a. the double high five
  • down low - your choice whether you want to include the "too slow"
  • someone with glasses
  • someone with contact - ooh yeah, that might be tricky!
  • up top, then backwards down below, a.k.a. the bring if around town
  • someone who's having a rough day
  • throw a fist bump into the mix

What if your planned high five gets rejected and you're left hanging? Throw that hand through your hair for an ultra smooth recovery. 

(Pro Tip: Keep your eye on your partner's elbow and you'll make contact every time!) 

For more high five fun, check out these other types of high fives:

(And watch How I Met Your Mother for a high five gold mine!)


The "When in Rome" Five: 


The Elderly Five:


The Holy Five: 


The Self-Five:


The Furbaby Five: 


The Disney Princess five: 


The Digital Five: Click the link to send your free e-card and digitally high five the besties you won't see today!

We hope you had a great time high-five-ing folks right and left! Let us know if you tried out any new fives in the comments! 

For more ways to have fun at work, download the free eBook below! 

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