New Year, New Thank You

December 14, 2022 Scott Gillis

New Year, New Thank You
Every year like clockwork we shed the struggles of the prior year and start fresh with a new calendar and a new set a of resolutions. Tim Ferriss had the right idea. Forget New Year's Resolutions and look over the past year as a Year in Review.
The key to this thought process is to carve out those positive experiences and try to replicate those items in the new year and take your negative experiences and keep them on your "not-to-do list"
Some of the key points that should be added to your list if they are not already there is to spend more time telling those that make an impact, personally or professionally, no matter the scope, thank you. This can be thank you for completing that project, thank you for going above and beyond to help the team, even something simple as thank you for being you. We offer small items like pocket praise which are fun and affordable small cards you can leave on your teammates desk.
Sometimes a step up from a card shows a little more thought. That's why we offer an expanded version of a thank you card and include a tumbler with it. As our product description states, praise is more than a note and should include some drinkware also.
Also when you give thanks the praise can reverberate for a longer period of time especially when giving thanks of a desktop plant. You can see the consistent growth of that praise as their appreciation plant cube grows which is a flowering daily reminder of thanks.
When doing research I had a key takeaway that I will practice daily going into 2022. This blog stated: "What we  can  do is work to improve the ratio of happy-to-unhappy moments. We can learn to identify when we’re spiraling and pull ourselves back with the things we enjoy and want to do in this world."  What better way to immerse yourself in happy moments than by giving a constant flow of praise and thanks to those around you.
It’s been such a crazy and happy adventure – making the decision to focus on this brand and blog that I really love – and trying my best to produce content that is (even in a very small way) useful to people. It’s forced me to keep experimenting and learning about everything that goes along with blogging.
One main goal of this post was to encourage other businesses to remember to thank people more often, especially their biggest supporters. This doesn’t happen enough in business so hopefully this article can change just a little bit of that. I also want to thank new readers who have come aboard and found kernels of inspiration they now pass on to colleagues or those frequent readers who find new tips to make apart of their day.
We at Baudville wish you a 2022 filled with new and reaffirmed connections, successes, celebrations as well as continued praise and thanks.

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