Nurses Work Hard, Make Sure to Say Thank You!

April 22, 2015

My mom knew she wanted to be a nurse her entire life and has been in the medical field since she graduated from nursing school. She has worked in the emergency room most of her career and it has been a very demanding profession physically and emotionally for her, especially more now as she nears retirement.



In fact, she recently told me about how her body just can't handle the long hours, the pushing and pulling of patients, and just the pure exhaustion that it entails. I realized I never really thought about how hard nurses work! Yeah, they take care of us when we're sick, but you don't think about the manual labor and never-ending paperwork they have to endure day in and day out.


When you are at the hospital or the doctor's office, do you ever think of what it's like in their job? Probably not; you're kind of in selfish mode: Why is it taking so long? What are they doing? Can't they just give me what I need so I can get out of here? Just remember that they don't know what your days are like, and you don't know what their day is like either.

A few years ago, I was on the ball and decided to give my mom a few Baudville products as a Nurse's Day present. I picked a piece of healthcare appreciation drinkware with a lid (because they are required to have a closed-lid container for beverages) and a tote bag since she is always hauling her nurse gear and lunch back and forth. She absolutely loved it and all her work gals wondered where she got her swag!

National Nurse's Week happens every year on May 6–12, with National Nurse's Day on May 11. If you visit the doctor's office or the hospital or have a friend or family member who's a nurse, make sure to say "Thank You" or surprise them with a nice gift! They do a lot to keep those facilities running—and to keep you and your loved ones healthy and well.

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