Office Awards & Recognition For Your Stellar Staff

October 22, 2021 Scott Gillis

Recognizing your employees helps to develop a culture of gratitude. When employees know that their hard work is being noticed AND appreciated, they tend to work harder and feel better about it! Recognition is an important part of daily work life, and we have several office awards that are great for recognizing an entire staff or an individual employee.

Office awards are essential to an organization’s culture as they communicate what behaviors are valued. Employees receiving office awards are the most common form of recognition given in the workplace. An employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at his or her current job within the next three to six months.

Giving an appreciation award should be genuine and personalized, with “heavier” awards given to the employees with the most years of service. In other words, the longer someone’s been with your company, the more time and thought you should put into acknowledging her/him. Think about throwing a party with a bright and colorful trophy.

Don’t forget how important your new hires are. Consider recognizing employees for one year of service, with a lapel pin or certificate. These recognitions don’t have to be as momentous but should be equally sincere and thoughtful.

Award categories vary by organization and industry, but there are three primary award structures that you can follow to create an effective office award program. 

  1. Team Awards

We all know that together everyone achieves more, so recognize the team that exceeded their goals this year. Create a set of criteria to examine each team in your organization to select a winner. At your award ceremony, present each member of the team with a Tribute Trophy. It’s an affordable trophy option, so you can give everyone a symbol of their accomplishment.

  1. Service Anniversary

Keeping an eye on your calendar is important when remembering to recognize service anniversaries, such as 5, 10, 15 years, and beyond. Honoring milestone years for team members in your office shows your organization’s value for dedication and commitment. Try our Acrylic Numeral Trophies or Stackable Success Perpetual Awards when recognizing your officemate.

  1. Outstanding Employee Award

Most organizations have some form of this award to honor top performers. This award typically requires a nomination from managers and a selection committee. These award recipients should be the best of the best, and your award should reflect that value. Try the Crystalline Tower with a custom engraved message to honor that employee who went above and beyond.

It’s NEVER too late to start an awards program. It can be any time of year—not just during the holidays. Base it on your core values, and you’ll find it easier to choose your nominees (and winners): they’ll be the ones who continually deliver on those values!

Psst . . . need trophies? We’ve got a slew of stellar selections!

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