Passionate Professionals at IAAP Conference Need Recognition, Too

July 27, 2009

I just returned from the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Education Forum and Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s a rare thing to meet so many people passionate about their profession and dedicated to advancing it in today’s workplaces, but that’s exactly what I found at the conference. 

It was Baudville’s first time as an exhibitor at the conference, and we received a very warm welcome! Attendees continually thanked us for being a part of their conference. How nice is that? 

We talked to attendees about the whole kit and caboodle Baudville has to offer. It’s all about recognizing little things every day in personal and meaningful ways. Attendees were excited about our themes and clever sayings, but the sentiment we heard most often was “I should show this to my boss.” 

When we get into the daily grind, it’s easy to let appreciation fall by the wayside – even appreciation for our most valued peers. The greatest mistake we can make is convincing ourselves that recognizing them once a year on their “official recognition holiday” is adequate. Or worse, adopting the archaic mentality that a paycheck is recognition enough (I shudder at the thought). 

No chance. Putting off recognition of administrative professionals until their day in April will likely gain you one thing: an open position to recruit for. Recognition must be done immediately after the fact to make an impression on an individual. So don’t wait. Get the tools and training you need to make recognition a part of your daily routine, and keep passionate professionals happily working within your organization.  

Recognize You Staff Regularly! 

Don't let your staff feel like Milton. Recognize them more than once a year. 

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