Personalized Gifts for New Hires

June 15, 2022 Scott Gillis

Personalized Gifts for New Hires

We have talked a lot about ice breakers and great ways to introduce your company and its culture to your new hire. One way to stand out is by finding those fun items that you can add personalization to giving their experience that much more of a unique touch. Giving a gift that is personalized is also an effective recognition strategy, but is that the only reason why we give these kinds of gifts? To be honest there are lots of possibilities to answer the why.

62% of Americans prefer personalized gifts over costly store-bought items. Also, 68% of Americans say they get more satisfaction out of giving someone a heartfelt gift than an expensive store-bought item(source)

If you want your gift to really make an impact, there are three keys that you need. For your gift to be memorable, it should be:
1. Immediate
2. Personal
3. Sincere


Key 1: Immediate - Timing is Everything
When you give a personalized gift timing is important and what a better time to see a great imprint and their own name on it than the first day that persona starts in their new position. First, it will make more sense to the recipient. It will also make the gift more memorable. When they use the personalized gift or see it sitting on their desk, they'll be reminded of how the company values them.
Key 2: Personal - Gift Choice Matters
The second key to giving great gifts is being personal. This puts the focus on the gift you choose for the recipient. Your gift choice is very important! It should resonate with the recipient and be meaningful. To give a personal gift, it's important to know personal information about your recipient. The gift should also be something you are sure they will use.
It's easy and affordable to create a personalized gift, even for just one person. Choose a gift item, like a journal , or desktop mousepad, and have the recipient's name, date, and your company name or logo engraved on it. Because you took the time to personalize a gift for the recipient, they'll be more likely to fondly remember the recognition moment!
Key 3: Sincere - Delivery is Crucial
The final key to great personalized gifts is sincerity. We can usually tell when someone is sincere or insincere, and insincerity can quickly ruin an appreciation moment. Make the extra effort to ensure your gift presentation is sincere, and your gift will be an effective token of appreciation. If you are not able to give your appreciation gift in person, include a handwritten note with the gift. You can leave the gift on the recipient's desk as a surprise or even ship it to their home address using our multi-ship process.

Personalized Gifts for New Hires

Custom: Mod Vibes Ceramic Planter
Custom: Eco-Wise Bamboo Tumbler
Custom: Bamboo Phone Stand
More and more companies are choosing to invest in personalized gifts for employees as part of their employee engagement and employee experience initiatives. Personalized gifts for employees are a wonderful way to make your workforce feel appreciated. That said, don't assume you can leave a wrapped package on your employee's desk, call it a day, and get a big engagement boost. Employees want recognition, and that includes recognition in the form of an actual thank you.
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