Quick Plaques For Year End Awards

December 22, 2021 Scott Gillis

The end of the year is the perfect time to  recognize  company achievements, benchmark goals and star performers. Quick Plaques honoring high accomplishments are a popular, easy, and an elegant way of celebrating milestones.
A plaque is usually a plate made out of metal, ceramic, acrylic, stone, or wood that bears text. This award is a tangible sign of showing credit to a person or group who have accomplished goals beyond expectations.
There are few better ways to validate someone than handing them a plaque that they can prominently display on their desk. It’s a great idea to consider customizing and ordering quick plaques for your next corporate or private event.
Presenting an award such as a quick plaque marks a significant moment in a person’s life. The moment is made all the more special because their success is symbolized by an object that they get to hold and take home with them. Awarding someone with a plaque arguably goes further than simply telling them “good job!” Go beyond good job by awarding them our Standing Ovation Plaque.
Quick plaques also make your event more memorable. Plaques engraved with your favorite character story and a personalized note makes the recipient feel good about themselves, and in return, they are motivated to continue working hard every day. Positive reinforcement sets an example for every employee in your organization, showing everyone the kind of hard work the company values.
Even a tiny form of appreciation goes a long way for an employee at the end of the year. Look to our Mini Acrylic Award Plaques for taste of artistic style and look to our tips for presenting your award plaque.
When you want to honor your company’s top achievers, make sure you get an award that speaks to them personally. Quick plaques are a popular option. If you’re not quite sure that quick plaques are right for your corporate award needs, let us put your mind at ease. They offer plenty of room for custom engraving, they are small and unique enough to display on their desks or be hung on a wall, they are durable awards that age exceptionally well, and they come at affordable prices that allow for multiple orders.
Honoring stellar employees is important, which makes it important to give quick plaques that create a striking impression .
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