Quiz: Find Your Workplace Movie Doppelgänger

June 23, 2016 Audrey


Haven't we all seen a movie about work and thought "OMG - that's so me!" Or noticed that an on-screen character is the twin of some unfortunate soul in accounting? Oh, yeah... I've daydreamed about smashing our copy machine to bits like the fellas from Office Space and I'm not ashamed to admit it! To find your ultimate workplace movie doppelgänger, take the quiz below:

1. You're faced with working yet another weekend, you: 


  1. Accept with full-on hatred brewing behind your eyes for your inept boss.
  2. Accept if this extra time looks like a guarantee for a future promotion.
  3. Accept and then decline after thinking about what you’ll miss during those hours at the office.

2. When asked about your aspirations at work, you:


  1. Respond that you’re really here to get a paycheck and appear to be working (or you at least think it).
  2. Respond that your current position is just temporary and you’re on the path to bigger and better things.
  3. Respond that although your performance record is incredible, work-life balance is important to you and you’ll consider that balance in your career path.

3. You have the opportunity to break the rules to get something you want, you:


  1. Do it. The company doesn’t need those extra office supplies.
  2. Weigh the risks. If it will advance your career, you’ll probably do it.
  3. You’re no stranger to the competitive nature of business but you’re savvy enough to get things done without crossing any hard lines.

4. You’re offered a position in senior management, you:


  1. Say “No, thanks.” This job just doesn’t fulfill you and heaping more responsibility onto your plate won’t make it better.
  2. Take it! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
  3. Revel in the glory of the offer but ultimately decide that you’d rather be your own boss.

5. If you had the chance to do absolutely anything from 9-5, you’d:


  1. Take up fishing or some other relaxing hobby.
  2. Show what you’re made of and take the industry by storm.
  3. Become an entrepreneur and try to find a good balance in life.

Mostly A’s:


Peter from Office Space: Dejected, disengaged, and disinterested are three adjectives that describe your attitude at work. You have plenty of talent but have found yourself in the wrong career or simply a stale environment where demands are unreasonable and management is anything but stellar. You might find a hypnotherapist to improve your outlook OR it might be time to start looking for career fulfillment elsewhere.

Mostly B’s:


Tess from Working Girl: You’re frustrated and looking to get ahead. The odds you’re facing for advancement are steep and you might just be willing to color outside of the lines to secure that promotion. You’ve had bosses that are both inspirational and total duds and you’ve learned from their wins and losses. In the end, you’ll find success but have to be careful about whether you’re willing to pay the cost.

Mostly C’s:


J.C. from Baby Boom: Being a high-powered executive is second nature to you. You thrive off of big decisions, important projects, and high-pressure situations. Then, something changes. You have children or become a victim of downsizing and your perspective shifts. It’s not about living to work but working to live. Bonus: you’re an ace at whatever you do and are sure to find happiness in your work!

Which character are you twinning with? Tell us in the comments! 

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Audrey is brand spankin’ new to the ‘ville (that’s what they call Baudville around these parts). As the new Marketing Coordinator, she'll be talking printer-ese, corralling creatives for our catalogs, and writing headlines and blog posts about Baudville’s #1 passion, employee recognition!


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Quiz: Find Your Workplace Movie Doppelgänger
Quiz: Find Your Workplace Movie Doppelgänger

Haven't we all seen a movie about work and thought "OMG - that's so me!" Or noticed that an on-s...