Recognition Fun at the 'Ville! Personally Hand Written.

March 24, 2015



LAURA-PHOTOIt's time again for a little recognition fun at the 'Ville. As Kaleigh mentioned, we recently hosted our first annual Winter Warm-Up Week! So our Creative Manager, Laura, took the oppurtunity to thank her team personally, with a hand written note.

What did the person do to receive the recognition? It was our company's Employee Appreciation Week celebration extravaganza, and what better time than to write my team notes? I have five direct reports and I wanted to make sure that each employee had a unique message waiting for them in the morning.

What did you do to recognize them? We have amazing note cards here. I use our them to send notes to friends, family members, and co-workers all the time. It is such a luxury to have such great designs right here in the building—I don’t ever have to go far. For this recognition moment, I dusted off my sketch book and decided to draw something new!


How did you determine what you were going to do for them? When you spend as many hours with each other as we do you tend to come up with inside jokes and secret languages. I decided to draw each employee an item that coincided with a fun moment that the team has shared, or a memorable characteristic that they have. We had a chuckle looking at them together. There is a special ‘pun’ written inside each card.

When did recognize them (time span after event)? I recognized the whole crew with these notes as a capstone to all of the Employee Appreciation Week fun and activities.

Anything else you want to say! A personalized note is so great to add to any gift. I remember years ago I received a really beautiful journal from Baudville. The gift was so nice that it could have stopped right there, but inside the journal on the first page was a nice hand-written message from my manager at the time. It made that give even more memorable. Even if you don’t have a sketch book, or the time to doodle, there are still great ways to make it personal! Recall a memory to share, or just take a few minutes to think about what unique message could lift that person that day.

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