Recognition Fun at the 'ville - Rewarding Top Performers

January 16, 2015


Employee recognition is constantly happening at the 'ville - check out what recently happened with Amy's team in the Customer Service department...

Meet Amy – our awesome Inbound Sales Manager is always thinking of new ways to recognize her team! She has a big group to keep motivated and rewarded. Here's what she shared with us from her latest recognition moment!


What did the person do to receive the recognition?
I have re-implemented the old Milestone Rewards – Exceeding Expectations Program previously in place in the Inbound Department. This program includes a variety of things customer service reps can do to earn milestones that can be redeemed for prizes. One thing they can do is be a Top Performer in conversion rate or average order size.

What did you do to recognize them?
On a daily basis, a performance report was sent to the team so they were aware of their ranked position. This email included praise of the Top Performing individuals. In addition to receiving a milestone, I gave each Top Performer a half-sized certificate on a presentation board for their Outstanding Achievement. 

How did you determine what you were going to do for them?
The Milestone Rewards Program made it easy to come up with the daily recognition. I decided to also give them the Outstanding Achievement certificate board so they could display their achievement and remember their ‘victory’.

How long did you wait to recognize them?
The Top Performer Award was given for the month of December 2014. I announced the Top Performers and gave them their awards within two business days, when they all were in the office after the holiday.

This is going to be a monthly goal for the Milestone Rewards Program. After implementing the process, it’s relatively easy for me to switch the goals to be ranked each month. The month of January will be the Top “Most Improved” Performers. This will keep things fresh and give more people a chance to be considered a Top Performer.



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