Recognition Spreads in the Twitterverse*

July 23, 2009

This blog entry defines Twitter vocabulary for all of those still unfamiliar with Twitter 

(*twitterverse = the body or community of Twitter users) 

That’s right, Baudville is on Twitter. While our follower numbers are modest, we like to think our tweets (posts we make under our account) reach far and wide to our tweeps (friends on Twitter) around the world. We’ve recently contributed a new hashtag (trending topic on Twitter) to a majority of our posts, #positivemojo. 

We pride ourselves on being the office of positive mojo at Baudville headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Daily recognition is our mission, and we strive to create a great working environment within our own walls. We carry out this mission in the recognition tools and products we design to bring positive mojo to our customers and our great customer service (talk to a real person when you call, for real). 

Now we’re spreading positive mojo throughout Twitter! We’ll be using the positive mojo hashtag (#positivemojo) on posts that recognize someone or offer fun and humor for the workplace. Once you’ve received positive mojo, retweet it (a repeat of someone’s post)! 

Here’s an example of a worthy #positivemojo retweet: 

thisisjohnny* my officemate just got a performance award; told him it's the first of many for rm 112. we're going to make this place look like a dr office 

( *This is an example of one of the many user names you'll find on Twitter.) 

And here’s an example of a company in need of some serious #positivemojo. We hope this doesn’t sound like your organization: 

beneubanks I used to work for a company that had an annual employee appreciation. They ignored us the rest of the year! 

When it comes to spreading positive mojo on Twitter, the greatest challenge will be keeping it under 140 characters! Become a follower of Baudville, and watch the positive mojo grow! 

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