Recognition You Can Give Right Now with Whatever’s In Your Desk!

November 3, 2015

You’ve probably been there: caught in a moment when you really need a tangible way to say thank you or great job and you have nothing. A high five or fist bump alone just aren’t going to cut it. What do you do? I say it’s time to get all MacGyver on this situation. Let’s open that desk drawer and see what you’ve got:


Post-It Notes. Every rule-abiding member of cubicle paradise should have a stash of these on hand. If you don’t, you’ll need to make a quick trip to the supply cabinet and grab a pad—and some colorful pens, too, if you’re lacking. Take a moment to write a short thank you note or a note of encouragement, and embellish it with your best doodle. Then, tack it up in your team member’s work space. It may seem like a small gesture, but the personal touch you add to it and the time you put in will make it meaningful to the recipient. Whew! Now, for the future, you can save yourself some effort by ordering a Peel-and-Stick Note Set.


Scissors & Tape. No, you’re not going to turn them in to some kind of sculpture or trophy; you’ll need them after you’ve downloaded our free Print and Posts. There are seven different versions, making it pretty much impossible not to find the right words for your on-the-spot employee recognition occasion. After you’ve downloaded these fun sayings, just print the sheet, cut out the message you want, write a note on the back, and post—on a computer monitor, cubicle wall, or public space in your department.  


Spare Change. Amid paper clips, staples, liquid paper, and push pins, you probably have enough coins lying around to buy a goodie from the vending machine. Pick out a favorite beverage or snack and present it in person with your verbal praise. If you want to add a little extra flair, use one of the Print and Posts you downloaded as a gift tag or wrapper. Just don’t forget the appreciation message, whether it’s written or spoken. It will last well after your special treat has been consumed.  


What else? Well, I was thinking of something like a paperclip chain or a ruler as a traveling trophy, but those are a little silly, aren’t they? Since I’m just getting you out of a temporary crisis—not helping create a habit of perpetual unpreparedness—I’ll leave it at that.


That said, this post “Four Day-to-Day Recognition Essentials to Keep You Out of the Doghouse” recommends several of Baudville’s best tools you can keep in your desk for the future, so you don’t find yourself desperately channeling the improvisation talents of an 80s TV character.  


Good luck! And, if you create some cool recognition with the contents of your desk drawer, share it with us in the comments section or on our Facebook page!

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