Recognizing Up – How Giving Recognition can Gain Management Buy-In

January 21, 2011

As we’ve discussed the past few weeks, gaining management buy-in for your recognition program is pivotal to its success. After all, it takes the support of management to grant you a budget, set the example for the organization, and keep recognition at the top of the priority list. 

Sometimes, the data and case studies aren’t persuasive enough for your organization’s head honchos. Another approach to gaining management buy-in for your program is giving them the recognition treatment. 

The Recognition Treatment
One of the best ways to show the impact of recognition is to practice it! Equip yourself with handy recognition tools and start recognizing your team. Target your manager and the management team with your recognition, too. There are several ways you can recognize strategically: 

1. Handwritten notes. My favorite way to recognize, a handwritten note of thanks and appreciation has a lasting impact on the recipient. Many individuals keep their recognition notes and display proudly them as badges of their accomplishments. 

2. Public recognition. Your management team may prefer public recognition. Thank them for all their hard work or a specific accomplishment during a team meeting or event. 

3. ePraise. Send members of management an ePraise to thank them for valuable feedback or their contribution to a project. ePraise not only delivers recognition to your recipient, but it also gives them the tools to recognize someone else, too! 

4. Celebrate recognition holidays.  Recognition holidays acknowledge individuals on a special day. You can celebrate Boss’s Day on October 16, but if you can’t wait until October, throw an offseason party! Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 4. Include special manager recognition in your celebration. 

5. Make it unique. Your recognition should stand out in management’s eyes. Be sure your handwritten note is personal or use a new recognition item that will really make an impression, like our new Note Pods

Recognizing management can have many benefits for getting recognition program buy-in. As you give recognition to management, peers and employees, the benefit of recognition will soon be obvious. After a short period of time, management won’t be able to deny the advantages of recognition and will give you their full support! 


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