Recognizing Your Employees: 'How' is Just as Important as 'With What'

April 14, 2015

Imagine presenting an award as a recognition effort in front of the entire company, only to find your employee breaking out in a nervous sweat, acting uncomfortable, and privately holding it against you? Chances are, your good deed turns into a negative experience for the reciever and leaves you questioning your actions.

Don't get me wrong, some love to be the center of attention while recieving praise, but others may prefer more of a slip-under-the-table approach. Being aware of your employee's preferences can nott only aid in your recognition efforts, but also in how you build your relationship with them during the course of your time working together. Most focus on the recognition piece itself, but how you present it to them is equally important.


(One of our own recieving recognition from our CEO, Brad, at our year-end party last year!)

We've put together a "Tell Us About You" form that we use in our onboarding process to get to know our new hires, better understand their recognition preferences, and more. Sound like something you'd like to try in your workplace? We've got a free download here.

Your employees will thank you (and mean it!) when their praise comes in the shape and form their comfortable with, and you will feel great giving it!


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