Rock This Year's Holiday Party Planning with Our Handy Checklist

November 3, 2017 Alyssa Karhan


Planning for your company’s holiday party can be a bit daunting, even when you’ve done it a bunch of times. That’s why we’ve put together this handy dandy checklist to keep your party planning on track!

 The Baudville Holiday Party Checklist is what you need to plan your holiday party

Feel free to print it and check it off as you go:

Company Holiday Party Planning Checklist


  • Choose your party theme (White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Grinch, etc.)
  • Finalize the date and time
  • Book a venue if you’re hosting it offsite
  • Decide if employees are allowed to bring guests
  • Decide how you’ll spread the word (email, paper invites, etc.) and send them out
  • Finalize your budget
  • Begin planning decorations


Four Weeks Before

  • Collect all RSVPs and finalize guest list
  • Put together a timeline / agenda
  • Create the menu or work with a caterer
  • Create the drink menu (alcoholic, nonalcoholic, etc.)
  • Decide on employee gifts (we have ideas!) and order them
  • Decide whether or not you’ll give out any awards or special recognition (Our advice: do it! Be sure to check out our trophies and awards!)


Three Weeks Before

  • Put together your shopping list
  • Decide how food will be set up / served (Do you need to provide tablecloths, napkins, silverware, or serving pieces? Plan for those!)
  • Decide on décor (flowers, balloons, linens, etc.)
  • Gather the necessary tables and chairs


Two Weeks Before

  • Plan your party activity and shop for necessary supplies or prizes
  • Create a hashtag so you can capture all event photos
  • Decide who will speak at your event. Recruit a presenter for your awards and recognition.
  • Prepare seating chart (if you’re planning to have one)
  • Confirm with vendors
  • Check equipment and lighting


Week Of

  • Make sure you have all vendor contact numbers
  • Shop for the items on your shopping list and pick up any last-minute décor
  • Pick up rental items
  • Begin setup (if you have access to the venue)


Day Of

  • Finalize setup of décor, food, etc.
  • Have fun!


And there you have it . . . the ticket to a FABULOUS holiday party. Hope it’s merry and bright!



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