Say it With Flair: 25 New Award Titles

November 9, 2016 Maggie Kennedy

New Award Titles.jpg

Did you love our first post with the 50 Award Titles? Well you're in luck, we have come up with 25 totally new ones to use for your year-end recognition! 

  1. Very Important _________ (insert title)
  2. Award of Completion
  3. Award of Achievement
  4. Shining Star
  5. Peak Performer
  6. Unsung Hero
  7. Elbow Grease Award
  8. Top Dog Award
  9. Certified in Awesomeness!
  10. Essential Piece
  11. Employee of the Month
  12. Customer Hero Award
  13. Top Notch Service Award
  14. Team Player Award
  15. Rockstar Rookie
  16. Big Kahuna Award
  17. Service Rockstar
  18. Service Super Hero
  19. Commitment to Quality
  20. Out-of-this-world service provider
  21. Star service provider
  22. People’s Choice Award
  23. Citizenship Award
  24. Community Service Award
  25. Volunteer of the Year Award
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