50 Award Titles That Give You the Perfect Words

May 14, 2014

It’s award season! Time to hand out those graduation certificates and completion recognition awards. To help you create the best-looking awards, we’ve come up with a list of 50 ideas for your certificate award titles. 

Award Title Ideas

  1. Excellence in ____________ (fill in the skill)
  2. Making the Difference
  3. Essential Piece Award
  4. Star Student
  5. Honor Roll
  6. Best in Class
  7. Honors Award
  8. Certified in ____________ (fill in the skill)
  9. Certified Smile Maker
  10. Energizer Bunny Award
  11. Money Maker Award
  12. Needle Mover Award
  13. Most Improved
  14. Hard Worker Award
  15. _____________ Champion (fill in the skill)
  16. Mountain Mover
  17. Commitment to Excellence
  18. Commitment to Service
  19. Commitment to Education
  20. Commitment to Kids
  21. Behind the Scenes Award
  22. Top Team
  23. Teamwork Award
  24. Mission Possible Award
  25. Customer Service Award
  26. Pat on the Back Award
  27. Volunteer of the Year
  28. Teacher of the Year
  29. Student of the Year
  30. Student of the Month
  31. You Make the Difference
  32. Shining Star
  33. Certificate of Recognition
  34. Certificate of Achievement
  35. Certificate of Excellence
  36. Certificate of Completion
  37. Academic Star
  38. Perfect Attendance
  39. Responsibility Award
  40. Outstanding Achievement
  41. Rookie of the Year
  42. Outstanding Leadership
  43. Leading by Example
  44. Above & Beyond
  45. Key to Success
  46. Dedicated Service
  47. ____ Years of Service (fill in with appropriate number)
  48. Helping Hand Award
  49. Caught in the Act of Caring Award
  50. Made My Day Award

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