Spring has Sprung! 5 Ways to Plant Seeds of Gratitude in the Workplace

May 9, 2023 Amy McNeel

Spring has Sprung! 5 Ways to Plant Seeds of Gratitude in the Workplace

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and spring is officially springing. Well, at least in parts of the world that are luckier than Michigan. While it might still be a little drab up here in the Midwest, us at Baudville can feel the spring season slowly budding to the surface. So, what does that mean for us? Well, it means the beginning to a season full of recognition, appreciation, and growth for our company culture.

The start of spring is the perfect time to reflect and refresh on the recognition needs of your team members. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with five ways to plant seeds of gratitude in your workplace.

Five Ways To Nourish Your Company Culture

  1. Appreciation in the daily/weekly huddle: Let’s start simple. If you are meeting with your team regularly (daily or weekly, etc.), then why not add in some time each meeting to gage the energy of your team and spread some positivity? Before jumping in, ask your team to describe their energy or workday in 1 word – and make sure they are honest! This is a great way to stay up to date with the mindset of the team. Even better? At the end of this circle, ask your team if they have any shoutouts to give. Encouraging peer-to-peer appreciation is a great way to build comradery and improve motivation. Give some shoutouts of your own, too.
  2. Gifts of gratitude: I don’t know a single person who doesn’t appreciate a little gift every now and then. From branded company swag to curated gift kits or quality drinkware, there are so many possibilities and options for every member of your team. According to ZIPPIA, “37% of employees report that employee recognition is the most important thing their manager or company can do to motivate them to produce great work.” So what are you waiting for!? LET’S GET SHOPPING. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some best selling employee appreciation gifts.

3. Team bonding activities and outings: At Baudville, we love a good company gathering. It’s a time to let employees relax, get to know each other, and feel more connected to the overall brand. The outing can be company-wide or team-specific. Either way, they are sure to increase engagement and foster a more positive workplace culture. Here’s a list of some of our favorite gathering activities and ideas:

  • Cater lunch from a local restaurant. Invite employees to eat, chat, and connect.
  • Host a competition. Assign employees to separate teams and have them do a specific task, like a craft. When all the teams are done, have everyone vote on their favorite.
  • Bring in a meditation instructor and hosts small meditation sessions throughout the day to encourage workplace wellness.
  • Invite your team members out for a happy hour! Have everyone leave work for the happy hour a little early to make it feel extra special.
  1. Weekly 1-on-1s: If you are a manager of a team, make sure that you are meeting with your individual employees regularly – whether that is every week or bi-weekly. Carving out time to meet 1-on-1 with your team members is so important because it fosters a more positive employee-manager relationship. It invites open conversation, keeps you in the loop of what’s going on with the team, and lets you work through any challenges or obstacles. This is a great time to ask employees how they are feeling on the “mood elevator.” If they are feeling low, ask about ways you can help.
  2. Annual award program: A bigger commitment, an annual award program is an incredible way to foster continual growth at the workplace. When people feel seen, they also feel motivated. To start an award program, set up parameters. What do we want to give awards for? How often do we want to give them? It can be a once a year deal, or something that happens throughout the months. We love the idea of giving trophies for years of service. It’s something that employees will look forward to with every new year at your company.

So, there you have it: 5 ways to plant seeds of gratitude in the workplace. If you follow these tips and tricks, your corporate culture will flourish as the days get warmer. Looking for even more employee appreciation inspo? Check out these additional resources:

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