Surprise!! Our Top Five Must-Haves for Employee Birthdays

May 28, 2013

We LOVE birthdays here at Baudville. Not only does it make the birthday boy/girl feel extra special that their coworkers remembered their special day, but it also builds team camaraderie. Celebrating employees birthdays' helps create positive energy within the workplace as well as boosts employee morale.

 Here's our top 5 must haves for celebrating Employee Birthdays: 

1. Write it down – Don't be that person who only remembers your coworker's birthday after everyone else already congratulated him or her. Instead, put all your team members' birthdays in your calendar so you will be able to plan ahead! In case you do forget, we have some great tools that you can readily have at your finger tips. Our Recognition Survival Kits Birthday Edition is filled with cards, pins, and mints for you to give to the birthday recipient. Or, stock up with our Birthday Card Assortments which prepare you for 60 birthday occasions!

2. Get everyone in on it – Here at Baudville, we start planning co-workers birthdays a couple of days in advance. In my department, it normally starts with someone emailing the whole team letting us know the birthday boy/girl's birthday is coming up soon. From there, we all join the email chain and decide what we want to do for their birthday.

3. Decorate – Figure out something your co-worker loves and use that as inspiration when you decorate their area. Last year, we knew that our Copywriter, Allison, LOVES shoes. So, we decided to decorate her area accordingly. Or fill their area with handwritten
Happy Birthday Shout Outs. The key for decorating your co-worker's space is not to go overboard. Remember, they'll be cleaning it up later.

4. Don't forget the gift! – We try not to break the budget here at Baudville so when it is someone's birthday, everyone will pool in one or two dollars to contribute towards a small gift. No matter what gift we get for the birthday recipient, our company always gives each recipient
a greeting card filled with birthday wishes from the Baudville Team. Or, try our popular birthday Character Pin which provides a heartfelt sentiment and cupcake lapel pin for only $7.95!

5. Shhh... It's a Surprise! – Finally, make sure you keep the birthday celebrations under wraps. Plan and talk about the birthday surprise away from the birthday boy/girl. Seeing the excitement on your co-worker's face when they see what you have done is the best part of the whole day!

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