Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

April 12, 2011


Teacher Appreciation Week is an ideal time to show some love for your teachers and staff members who make school a great place to be. This is the week to really let them shine! Below are a few ideas to make it a memorable week.



Create the Right Atmosphere
Before Teacher Appreciation Week begins, be sure to decorate the teacher's lounge and school hallways with balloons and posters that generate excitement for the upcoming celebrations. 


Reward Your Teachers
Thank your teachers for their valuable contributions with certificates, awards, and a special gift.  You could place a smaller gift in their classroom each morning during the week, or save it up and present it all at once, perhaps in a cute tote bag


Have Fun
Games and contests of all kinds are a great way to incorporate fun into the work day . . . and also to relieve stress and build teamwork among your staff. Planning a short activity for each day will keep the fun going all week long! 


Host Festive Parties
Everyone loves a party and some recognition, so why not invite the principal or school board president to make a few remarks at a Teacher Appreciation Week kick off party? At the end of the week, celebrate a successful week of celebration with a special potluck lunch courtesy of the PTO. 


Toot Your Own Horn
Share information about the personal accomplishments of teachers and staff members during the week. If someone recently ran a marathon, went on a service trip, received a master’s degree, or was on the news, tell everyone about it! Your teachers will be excited to receive the extra recognition.


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