Teamwork Makes it Possible at SHRM09

June 29, 2009

A lot is involved in planning a tradeshow, especially when your company is unveiling a new brand, releasing 250 new products, and expecting 8,000 attendees. Inevitably, with so many different elements required for a tradeshow to be successful, something is likely to go wrong. Thankfully, when you work with individuals who believe in your company mission, challenges are opportunities for teamwork to truly shine. 

While setting up for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition on Saturday, I grew increasingly concerned by the fact that my UPS 2-day Saturday shipment had not yet arrived. 

My co-worker and I called numerous Baudville employees at home on Saturday evening. They all were willing to wreck their brains for an account number and even sacrifice grilled chicken to access an email account. Together, we discovered an error had been made in the shipping, and the boxes were not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday – the last day of the conference. 

Several phone calls later, two more Baudville employees volunteered to make an extra trip to Baudville, pick up products needed for our display, check them on the plane, and hand deliver them to me in New Orleans. 

Thanks to several different Baudville employees – each willing to sacrifice a small piece of their weekend – our tradeshow display was complete for Sunday night, the opening of the SHRM Exposition Hall. 

And thank goodness it was. 

As soon as the doors opened, our booth was overrun by attendees who could smell our gourmet cupcakes from down the aisle. Our carefully thought-out booth plan quickly went out the window. Instead, all Baudville employees on hand jumped in to help distribute bags and cupcakes fast enough to keep the crowd moving. 

For the second time in the short weekend, I witnessed the teamwork of Baudville spring into action. Together, we gave out the 500 cupcakes from the Kupcake factory and over 600 "I’m with Stupendous" tote bags like experienced champs. 

Many SHRM attendees will look back fondly on this year’s conference, and maybe they will remember the memorable General Session by Jack Welch, the career assistance they received, or the valuable networking with other HR professionals. I know I will remember SHRM09 for the teamwork that made Baudville’s presence a success. 

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