Terrified of Teamwork? You're not Alone

March 22, 2016 Abby

Flash back to your high school years.  You’re sitting in class listening to your teacher drone on about isotopes, when you hear the words, “group project.”  Naturally your stomach lurches at the thought of this upcoming assignment. You can already feel the fatigue from having to pull more than your fair share of the workload and are already dreading the inevitable personality conflicts that will ensue. 

Number of American Workers Who Prefer not to Work On Teams

After years of situations similar to the hypothetical one I’ve just presented for you, it’s no wonder that the majority of the American workforce shies away from tasks that require collaboration and cooperation.  In fact, 76% of American workers prefer not to work on teams.  While performing the study that revealed this shocking statistic, the University of Phoenix found that most survey respondents recognized the benefits of teamwork, but yet remained steadfast in their resolve to work alone because of nightmarish past experiences. 

So how can teamwork be fostered within your organization?  By creating harmony among teammates and colleagues.  For someWorking Alone managers, this may seem like an absurdly difficult task as they are reminded daily of the simple fact that not all people like each other.  But the more frequently teams are encouraged to work together and recognize the positive professional attributes of one another, the more likely they will grow to appreciate what their colleagues bring to the table.

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