The 411 On Ordering Custom Lapel Pins

May 3, 2022 Scott Gillis

Custom Lapel Pins aren’t just accessories, they’re great low-cost gifts for saying thanks, sharing your gratitude for stellar employees, welcoming a new employee in their onboarding kit, or celebrating an anniversary. Some key notes about lapel pins I bet you didn't realize:
"Pins are a perfect perk for businesses of all sizes because they’re: Inexpensive: It doesn’t take up a ton of HR’s budget. Memorable: You can create just about any design. Portable: Employees can wear them with pride (you’d look awfully silly wearing around your two-foot-tall employee of the month trophy). Company lapel pins are a physical manifestation of the recognition and engagement that helps keep good employees thrilled to work for your company." (Source)
If you are looking to create your own memorable and affordable recognition statement we have a simple process for turning your custom lapel pin ideas a reality. To start your shopping journey, choose a pin-type  One of the important choices you’ll make at this stage is deciding what kind of pin you want. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider for each type of pin and some designs or color combinations are better suited for specific pin types. You can start by choosing a pin-type from one of our 6 different categories:
A die-struck lapel pin is a brass or silver pin that is struck with your multi-leveled, detailed design. Pins are cut out and plated with the plating color. This is an example of a die-struck pin, or basically a soft enamel pin without any color. You can see that the raised and lower metal creates a beautiful effect for simple designs.
Partner with Baudville's graphic design experts to create the perfect lapel pin for your organization. Add a simulated gem chip to your custom lapel pin. 
A semi-cloisonné lapel pin is a metal with brightly filled colors and a smooth, polished finish. A metal border must separate all colors. Think about them as little walls, where the enamel (PMS) color is filled in. 
A soft enamel lapel pin combines multi-leveled, detailed artwork with colorful enamel filling. Metal must separate all colors.
A photo-printed lapel pin displays a photographic image with a full range of colors & gradients under a clear epoxy dome. The process cannot guarantee specific Pantone colors and is not recommended for designs with surface texture.
If you prefer not to have thin metal lines separating the elements, you can opt for a Screen Printing Process. A screen-printed lapel pin displays your artwork with colors expertly matched by Pantone numbers, under a clear epoxy dome. Up to 5 colors are included in the price. 
For most pin types, our minimum order size is 100 pins, but if you expect to sell or give out a large quantity, we recommend ordering at least 300 pins. Not only does this greatly decrease the cost per pin, but orders of 300 or more also allow you to save money. As for size, the optimal size of a pin varies greatly on the complexity of a design and your own preferences but we recommend complex designs go to at least 1” for showing off a design’s details.
Another route you can take if you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind design is to access our awards lead gen form. If you have been on our lapel pin web page we have a pop-up that directs you to our custom awards form. Simply click this popup and fill out your company information, contact details, how many lapel pins you are looking to order, and any detailed comments on what you need. Our team of experts will work with you to bring whatever you want to life.
The highlight for lapel pins is the many uses for them. They act as an integral element of corporate identity, they inform and provide recognition to others, you use them to recognize and reward achievement and success, and they also become a collectors item for some.
From a company logo to a brand emblem, look for ways to use your promotional pin’s visuals to tie back to your business or organization. Subtlety can be more effective than just emblazoning your branding over the surface of the pin. The best part about lapel pins is that you can conceive them exactly how you want. The options mentioned above tend to be standard, though you can add other features that will make your pin unique and outstanding.
Lapel Pins are a badge to be worn with pride and prestige. That’s why they remain one of our most popular recognition rewards. They are affordable, easy to display and serve as a long-lasting reminder of the recognition. To use lapel pins effectively, give them as a reward for a specific accomplishment or behavior. 
Interested in chatting with your rep?   Find your account manager here   - and they'll touch base with you to find a good time to discuss your vision!
We've had the privilege of working with some amazing organizations to develop a branded, special experience for their team. We appreciate their trust in finding the perfect fit, and we're so excited to highlight how they turned out!
Whether you're just dipping your toe into the custom experience, or you're an old hand at it, we know that together we can pair up to make an amazing impact for you and your organization!
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