The Benefits of Using Promotional Products

July 30, 2020 Julia Daihl

The Magic of Using Promotional Products

To the best of our knowledge, no one dislikes free gifts. “Oh really, Mr. Accountant? You want to give me a notepad? How dare you!” probably has never been said in the history of mankind.

Those free gifts from the business world, aka promotional products, are purposeful and a highly effective marketing tool. Imagine this: your customer needs a pen, opens their desk drawer, and presto! Your company’s name magically appears right before them.

These promotional reminders keep a business within eyesight and in the minds of customers. They work, are valued, and there’s no time like the present to consider putting a few powerful promo products in your box of marketing tricks.


The Impact of Promotional Items

A 2018 fact sheet put together by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) states that because promo items “are useful and appreciated by recipients, they are retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times without added cost to the advertiser.”

That’s pretty magical—overall low cost, repetitive message and high customer impact.

And even further: a 2019 consumer study by PPAI says that 10 out of 10 consumers are willing to go out of their way to get a promo product, and 79 percent will pass along a promo item to someone else. People want free stuff and when they don’t want it, they pass it on. Double magic!

But, to see promotional products really make an impact, first consider these key things:

  • Set an optimal tone by assessing your company culture and vision.
  • What emotions do you want your customers to feel? Joy, playfulness, practicality, or a sense that you are very serious about your work?
  • Do you want your beliefs/culture to match your promo items? For example, are you eco-focused? Or a company that offers more meditative services? Then your promos might want to support the things you’re passionate about.
  • Step into the mind of your customer—what would your most memorable free gift be?
  • Are your competitors using promo products? If so, make sure yours distinctly fit who you are.
  • What’s relevant and useable right now and into the future?


What Promo Products Are Right for Me?

No palm reading required when it comes to wondering if promo items have value. They work because they’re tangible—they are things that can be held in your hand, seen, and used. They can sit on a desk, be slung over your shoulder, tucked away in a purse, backpack or car console. They are memorable because they’re functional.

And, when it comes to promo products, size doesn’t matter; small reminders are just as mighty. So keep in mind that expensive isn’t necessary to make a lasting impression.




We Have Great Promo Products Up Our Sleeve

When it comes to excellent promotional items, look no further. Here at Baudville we have a wide array up our sleeve, all designed to give your brand the boost it needs. Check out some of these ideas:


We’re Here for You

Baudville cares about your business, and we have a dedicated Account Representative ready to help you choose the right promotional products (no disappearing acts here, we promise). We are a leader in the industry, spreading the good news that appreciation makes the world a better place. We pride ourselves in making the process easy and affordable.

Visit for more ideas and inspiration. And to request a promotional product quote fill out this form.

We can’t wait to hear from you and start working some magic together!


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