The Do’s of Celebrating Valentine’s Day in The Workplace (With a Free Print and Post Download!)

February 13, 2015



Did you know that more than 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day each year? That’s more than half of the nation scrambling to make reservations, purchase flowers, candies, stuffed animals, and more to please their Valentine! A holiday revolved around love, gush, and attraction can be difficult to address appropriately in the workplace, but to ignore a holiday that is so prevalent in our world today would be difficult… especially when you don’t have to. But how can it be celebrated the right way?

We’ve come up with a helpful list of Do’s (who needs don’ts?) to help you celebrate without giving your co-workers the heebie-jeebies:

Do tell your employees and co-workers how sweet they are. Give co-workers an extra shout today! We’ve made it easy with our Valentine’s Day Print and Posts and our free ePraise eCards.

Do welcome the holiday into your office with open arms (maybe even arms with hearts on the sleeves!) A bowl of conversation hearts, chocolate kisses, or get creative and whip up something from our Pinterest Board to spread a little lovin’.

Do leave cupid at home. Keep the romantic gestures and extravagant gifts of appreciation for your loved ones at home. (Whether that loved one is a furry friend or a spouse… no judgment here.)

Do remember the nature of the holiday. It’s not Christmas or Hanukah, but it’s also not to be ignored. Where’s the fun in that?! Everyone has their own beliefs and attitudes towards Valentine’s Day, so be courteous to those around you while celebrating. With that being said, also make sure to include everyone in the celebrations!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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