The Economics of Appreciation via Seinfeld

May 22, 2012

I love when I find examples of employee appreciation in pop culture! I can always count on scenes from “The Office”or Dilbert comic strips for comic relief. Both do an excellent job of making fun of some pretty outrageous appreciation blunders. 

I recently learned about this scene from Seinfeld, and I’m certainly going to add it to my video library! In the clip, Jerry and Kramer both give Elaine birthday gifts, but one of them completely misses the mark. Can you guess who made the faux pas? 

Learn more about Employee Appreciation!      Learn more about Employee Appreciation! 

Watch the video on YouTube.

Today the Atlanta chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management posted a great blog post about this clip, the value of employee appreciation, and the lessons we can learn from Jerry’s slip-up. I recommend you visit their blog for the full article and to learn more about authentic appreciation! 

Read more on the Atlanta SHRM blog


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