The End of the School Year is Near!

June 4, 2013

No more pencils, no more books…no more lunches, I'm off the hook! My oldest son has 2 days left of school and while I am so excited not to have to add 'pack lunch', 'check homework folder', or 'remember backpack' to my nightly to-do list, this time of year is also a great time for reflection and appreciation.

I remember the first day of school like it was yesterday, sending my little guy off on the bus for the very first time for all-day, every day Kindergarten. As he jumped off the bus at school, the principal was there to give each child a high 5 and welcome them to their first big day!

The teachers made school and learning fun, easing their nerves and giving each child newfound confidence for a lifetime of learning.

New friendships blossomed and after-school play dates were penciled in, not only adding to my son's little buddies, but adding some great new friends to my circle, as well.

The Christmas Program featured my younger son, the donkey, who wouldn't keep his hat on or stay in his designated place for the show.

The Spring Program was equally entertaining with singing, dancing, and again my younger son stealing the show by nearly dropping his pants {this kid is a wild card, if you can't tell…}

And as graduation nears, I am sure there will be tears as our precious little Kindergartener makes the step into a GRADE – 1st Grade (it's a big deal when you're six years old).

Throughout every step of the school year, the teachers, the librarians, the administrative staff, the principal, the bus drivers, and the classroom volunteers have all made an impact on my little guys. They've learned colors and numbers, addition and subtraction, reading and writing… Spanish and Music… Art and PE... they've also learned about consequences and forgiveness through the love and guidance of their teachers. Every teacher has made a difference.

Teachers Make the Difference

Take time to thank them for impacting your little ones in such a big way.

How will you recognize your child's teacher? Even the smallest gesture will
brighten their day!


As a team member since 2005, Falon has worn just about every hat the 'ville has to offer. She's seen both sides of working life — as an employee and as a manager — so if it sounds like she knows what she's talking about, we're pretty sure that's why. When she's not juggling between the IDville and Baudville brands, she's been known to whip up a mean diorama - just like that!

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