The Journey Of Your Trophy

April 6, 2021 Lane Hokanson

We thought we would give you a little behind the scenes sneak peek at what it looks like on our end when you place an order!


Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what steps are undertaken to get you that special moment of recognition, so we thought we'd fill you in - and shine the spotlight on the various departments and team members that work on every order!

1. You search our site and discover the perfect trophy. You either place the order online, or through your account manager.


(Psst: did you know you have a dedicated account manager? If you're interested in finding yours, check out this form.)

2. You come up with the wording that you'd like on that trophy, to recognize your team member's amazing achievement.


3. Your order is entered in our internal system and artwork instructions are sent to our graphics team.


4. Graphics creates your artwork - we call it a "proof" - and sends it to you to review! This is how we make sure that we've gotten all the i's dotted and t's crossed!


5. You hit 'approve' on the artwork and it signals in our system that your order is ready for production - so it prints in our warehouse!


6. A warehouse employee selects your award from our shelves and brings it over to our engraving department.


7. We engrave (or print!) your award with the sentiment you've selected.


8. Your trophy is securely packaged in a box and heads out to you.


9. Your trophy is delivered! The timeline depends on where you're located and what shipping method you've selected. (Fun fact: we are in Michigan! But we deliver worldwide).


10. Employee appreciation is achieved!


So there you have it! Obviously, sometimes the steps change depending on the item, but this is what the majority of our orders look like here at Baudville!
Have any questions? We'd love to answer! Comment below and we'll do our best to provide insight for you.
Interested in ordering a trophy? Check the full collection out here.
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