The Key to Staff Recognition that Supports the Fan Experience

August 21, 2015

If you’re a business, you rely on the patronage of your customers to keep the doors open, and customers flock to businesses where they have a positive experience. Businesses spend millions of dollars annually on their décor, marketing, product, and packaging to earn a returning customer. However, one of the best business practices to earn a loyal customer has nothing to do with how a storefront appears or what a company sells. It’s how well a customer is treated, and your employees’ job satisfaction has a direct impact on it...

If your employees are happy, your customers will be happy, and happy customers do more business! When customers are really happy with your company, they become more than customers: they become fans!

By recognizing your employees and making them happy at work, you’re going to give customers the royal treatment, and they will come back for it time and again. We call that the fan experience.

Here's one key to staff recognition that supports the fan experience:

Create Recognition Campaigns

Why it’s Important: Changing your recognition program from time-to-time keeps employees excited and engaged. We recommend introducing campaigns regularly throughout the year to maintain a high level of interest in your program. A campaign includes communicating something new to your team in a way that grabs their attention and makes them excited. Incorporate a call to action that invites them to participate and provide information on how they can get involved. With a little bit of planning, your team will be looking forward to the next recognition campaign you roll out!

How to Make it Happen: When you introduce a campaign, you should be communicating a new feature or change in your program. For instance, you may be recognizing a different value or behavior, offering a new prize, or introducing a new award. You can also use different themes to increase the visibility of your program. A theme provides a new look and feel to your program, and the change in artwork and messaging is an instant attention grabber.


What it Looks Like: Safety is an important part of any workplace, so it was no surprise that a sports arena decided to focus on safety program as part of its summer recognition campaign. Since June is National Safety Month, the summer was a natural fit for the new initiative. The arena promoted the campaign by giving each staff member a t-shirt, putting posters in employee break rooms and entrances, discussing it in team meetings, and adding an announcement sticker to paystub envelopes. Throughout the summer they hosted safety seminars and rewarded employee who submitted safety improvement ideas. Using a campaign, the arena was able to educate and train staff on the importance of safety in an engaging way!

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