The Many Faces of Certificates

May 19, 2022 Scott Gillis

Every time you acknowledge an employee's accomplishments or abilities, you are validating them and letting them know their efforts do not go unnoticed. Positive acknowledgements in the form of certificate awards not only brings about positive feelings but give other teammates the motivation to go above and beyond to reach goals.
"Here is a fact that may surprise you. Globally, only 22% of managers say that they have the right tools to understand how to recognize their employees! That means 78% of managers need to evaluate and recognize their employees with insufficient tools/data in hand." ( Source) This is where an all-encompassing certificates program becomes the perfect first step in jump starting your employee appreciation, leading to higher retention.
The question you start to ask yourself is where do I start? As the title of the article states there are many faces of a certificate program meaning there are many ways to make these products unique to your own needs and that of your company’s culture. Let's look at three steps in creating an impressive certificate award program .


1. Components of Your Certificate
To start your journey in the world of certificates select the right paper . You can choose from a more traditional certificate design, like our popular scallop design. or you may choose something with more of an elegant design element with our foil certificate designs . Our more design heavy foil styles do come with a variety of sentiments, such as, "Shining Star," "You Make the Difference," or "Above & Beyond” just to name a few, making your award stand out that much more!
Once you’ve selected the certificate paper, choose a folder or frame to display and protect the certificate for your teammate. Rather than presenting the certificate on its own, the added display tool helps to make a grand impression. Choose a certificate seal to make your award look official, and add a ribbon for color. If you wish we also offer all of these items in certificate bundles to make the process even easier! See below for some more great options to choose from to begin your certificate awards program.

Certificate Paper

Certificate Ivy- Royal Blue
Foil Stamped Certificate Paper- Art Deco
Foil Certificate Paper- 2022 Making A Difference


Certificate Folders

You Make the Difference Folder
Excellence Folder
Shooting Star Folder
2. Stand Out Certificate Titles
What do you want to convey on your certificate? Need some ideas? Visit our 25 New Award Titles to get you started or download our Sample Award Certificate Titles to help get the creative juices flowing. An award certificate design should include a title, award verse, the recipient’s name, date, and the signature from a leader.
The font you choose also contribute s to the design. The a ward title should be the largest text on the certificate , and the recipient’s name the second largest. Font choice is also an important part of your certificate design. If your certificate is for a formal award, such as a service anniversary, you will want to use a formal serif font. But if you are having fun with certificates and using silly award titles, you can have a little fun!
3. Finalize Your Award
The last step in the certificate creation process is presenting the certificate to the award recipient and you will want to make sure you cover all your bases, now that you have invested a lot of time and effort into carefully designing your certificate . Take time before your award presentation to consider what you want to say. Download our Award Presentation Guide  for useful tips to help you prepare!
Certificates are a popular award because of their low price point and easy customization capabilities. Employee award certificates are the best way to recognize top performers. Certificates are classic, effective, and with the right language and design, they can even be fun! Let us help you create an amazing experience!
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