The Simple Guide to Keep Your Desk Clean, Organized and More Productive! 

June 27, 2017 Maggie


Messy Desk.jpg

Our desks are our little home-away-from-home.


We spend hours here and though some may spend more time here than at their actually home, we don’t always treat it with such love and care.


I was once told by a mentor that the best thing to help stay stress-free is coming in every day to a clean workspace. Since then, I have tried (though not always succeeded) to clean my desk before I leave every night.


While not everyone has the time to do this (nor the desire), here are my top tips to keeping your workspace a little tidier. 


Get rid of clutter.

Seems simple, right? Then why do you still have so much of it on your desk? Take a look around your desk and decide what doesn’t need to be there. The less distracted we are by clutter, the better our minds can think.


When in doubt, throw it out (or recycle it).

You won’t need half the papers you are saving on your desk. If you are one of those that is worried they may need that report from 1982 someday, then scan it and keep an electric copy. The less paper = the less clutter.


Reduce the amount of sticky notes.

While the sticky note is a great invention (and no, Romy & Michele did not invent them), too many hanging in your face can cause extra stress. Sticky notes should be used as quick reminders that are tossed away when done.


Schedule cleaning time.

Though it sounds mundane, cleaning your space regularly can help to keep your stress level low and your productivity high. Schedule in a half hour once a week in your calendar to devote to cleaning your area. My favorite time to do this is Friday afternoon when my week is winding down. Coming into a clean desk on Monday is a great way to kick off the week.


While I can’t promise you that these tips will make you employee of the month, I can promise you that taking these small steps will help you to at least feel like it.


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