Their Best Foot Forward: Onboarding & New Employee Introduction

March 2, 2022 Scott Gillis

Your new employees deserve great first days (and great first weeks and months). And you deserve well trained, engaged employees. With a solid onboarding process, everyone wins. Developing an effective onboarding strategy takes time, but keeping amazing hires on your team is worth the effort.


If your organization provides a consistent experience from start to finish, you send a strong message that you are who you say you are. Taking time for an effective onboarding process shows current and prospective employees that your organization values them for more than their contribution to the bottom line.
Keep your new employees energized with a packed schedule for their first week(s) – especially their first day. Make sure someone from your team enthusiastically greets your new hire when they arrive and walks them to their desk. This person could be:
  • A member of the HR team (e.g the recruiter that new hires already know)
  • Your office manager
  • New hire’s manager
Assign a mentor on their first few days. This is someone with experience on the lay of the land and best practices to be successful.
You should also plan an activity. Having a planned team activity is a great way to make a new employee feel welcome on the first day. A few ideas include:
  • Host a catered or lunch or a potluck in which everyone contributes a dish.
  • Take the team to a favorite local eatery.
  • Throw an after-work happy hour.
My own onboarding process was stellar. Everyday I sat in on a variety of departments learning what each key employee did. This went a long way to not only calm my nerves but I was able to build a rapport with departments I would not normally work in. Remember to think about this process from your new employees perspective. There is so much to be learned; from where the restrooms are to where the best spot is to eat to programs they’ll be utilizing in their new role.
While onboarding and introductions are an important part of the process, to set yourself apart from most employers you can provide these key items to put a bow on their first days. These fantastic items are good to have on their desk or drop shipped to their home if you are still working in a remote capacity.


New Employee Welcome Gifts

Delightly: First Day Survival Kit
Value Wide Mouth Wellness Bottle
Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit
For good or for bad, an  employee’s first days  set the tone for their journey within your organization. Make it like a great first date and leave them wanting to get serious with your company! From the obligatory benefits orientation to something as simple as their seating arrangement, make it your mission to create a consistently awesome onboarding experience.


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