Three Reasons You Should Celebrate Boss’s Day 2012 on October 16

October 2, 2012

Boss’s Day 2012 is October 16, only two weeks from today. Are you planning to do something for your boss? Boss’s Day is an annual recognition holiday, and it’s important for recognizing managers and supervisors in your organization. If you haven’t planned anything for Boss’s Day, it’s time to start! Recognizing your boss on October 16 can have several benefits in the office and your career. Here are three reasons you should celebrate:
Celebrate Boss's Day! 

1. Your boss needs recognition, too. It’s hard to give recognition if you don’t get it, and many mid-level managers are neglected when it comes to positive feedback. Give your boss some much-needed recognition on Boss’s Day, and he’ll be better equipped to return the favor. 

Do you have a boss who seems to be incapable of giving recognition? One of the best ways to show him the value of praise is to provide a first-hand experience! Make Boss’s Day special with your genuine and personal appreciation, and your boss will have a hard time denying the positive benefits it brings to his work day! 

 2. It shows leadership. A good leader understands the importance of communicating appreciation and value, and you don’t have to be in an official leadership position to practice the management strategy of recognition.  Show your leadership potential by recognizing up on Boss’s Day. Pick out a card for your boss and write a personal note that identifies her best qualities and characteristics that you appreciate. This is a great way to show your ability to recognize individuals for their contributions. 

3. You will generate goodwill with your boss. Contributing to a gift for your boss or going out to lunch as a group shows that you’re a committed team player. Plus, celebrating Boss’s Day is an opportunity to engage with your boss over a positive reason. Taking time on Boss’s Day can improve your work and personal relationship, which can end up helping your career. 

Need ideas for Boss’s Day gifts? We’ve put together 25 Boss’s Day Gift Ideas to help! For gift giving tips, read our three tips to giving personal and sincere Boss’s Day gifts


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