Tips + Tricks for Pandemic Onboarding

February 23, 2021 Lane Hokanson

Tips + Tricks for Pandemic Onboarding


The reality of onboarding a new hire has changed drastically in the past decade. From providing almost nothing beyond the training itself, to coordinating a welcome with current team members, to...working from home?



We've already given some suggestions on how to onboard during a pandemic - check it out here.

But we thought it might be helpful to do a quick follow up piece with some of the realities of onboarding. We recently hired a variety of new team members here at Baudville, so here is some feedback from both the hiring managers and the new hires themselves!

Keep reading for our top 6 tidbits:

From a manager's perspective, these were three of the most important takeaways:
  1. Come up with a virtual training plan.

This one seems kind of obvious. But, even more than usual, it's important to have an established schedule for your new hire to follow. They're feeling all the normal anxiety and awkwardness of starting at a new job, plus the oddness of not being in a normal environment. Having a set schedule helps your new hire to understand what's coming up and how to be best prepared for it.


2. Schedule team bonding.

This is an element that normally happens organically. Team members can assist with questions, joke about customers, show them the ropes, all that good stuff. But with team members either not in the same space at all, or at the very least more distanced, that natural camaraderie is much harder to grow. Setting up a few different team bonding experiences is a great way to encourage those relationships to flourish.


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3. Expect more questions.

Let's face it, even the most technologically savvy among us have been foiled by a Zoom call. So be sure to keep that in mind when your new hire is learning. Encourage them to feel comfortable asking any and every question - it'll for sure save any headache or confusion in the future! At Baudville, we follow the buddy system and assign a veteran employee as the new hire's go to person for questions, trainings, advice, and more.



We asked a few of our new hires for the best and worst parts of their onboarding experience! Keep reading to find out what they had to say!

  1. "Onboarding was simple because most of the process was digital. I spent a day in the office for orientation and enjoyed meeting the team. There was no "worst part" for me."
  2. "Working from the comfort of my home made me feel more relaxed during the interview process."
  3. "Ehh parts were...not meeting future team members in person [and] onboarding from home is challenging - I realized how important asking questions in person is!"

So, there you have it!

There is no doubt that we'll continue to see an evolution of the onboarding process as time progresses. Whether we're all going to be continuing our work from home status for longer than anticipated, or if we'll be back in the office with our coworkers, inspiration continues to push for the development and growth of the onboarding process.
We stand by our motto of 'inspired people inspire people', and so we'd love to hear how you're onboarding new members! Comment below with some of your triumphs or learning experiences when it comes to hiring, we'd love to hear!


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