Top 10+ Questions to Ask in an Interview

January 14, 2019 Julia Daihl





Interviews matter. We all know that. But why is it so crucial to make sure you are asking the right questions? The time spent in an interview is meant to achieve one thing: FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT.


This could take one candidate and one interview, or it could take 100 candidates and 100 interviews. No matter the number of candidates or interviews, it is imperative to use your time efficiently and ask the right interview questions.


To help you determine is an interviewee is what you’ve been searching for, here are 10 of the top interview questions you should be asking.



Best Questions to Ask in an Interview


Interview Questions to Gain Personality Insight

When looking for a new hire, you want to make sure that they will mesh with your company culture. It will ensure they enjoy their time with you as much as you enjoy your time with them. Essentially these questions will help you discover if they are a good fit for your company.


If you could meet a celebrity right now, who would you be most excited about meeting?

This question is a great way to get insight on their values. Do those values line up with company values?


Tell me about three people whose lives you positively changed. What would they say if I called them tomorrow? (Anthony Tjan)

This question reveals personality traits about how they view themselves and others, as well as brings light to examples positive impact they’ve achieved.


What things do you NOT like to do?

A favorite question, Art Papas (CEO and founder of Bullhorn) likes to ask in his interviews. People often ask what candidates like to do, which comes more naturally when answering, but asking things that the candidate may view as a negative, reveals personality traits by how they respond as well as their answer.


Bonus: Ask your receptionist how the potential new hire interacted with them. It gives a little glimpse into what the candidate is like when trying not to impress. Did they interact, was the candidate on the phone? Were they slouched and unapproachable, etc?



Interview Questions to Gain Experience Insight

Experience is obviously important. You need the skills to get the job done. Here are a couple of questions to help you learn if they have the experience needed.


Discuss a specific accomplishment you achieved in your last role that indicates you will shine in this position.

Dave Lavinsky (Co-founder and President of Growthink) likes to ask this in his interviews. This question not only acknowledges real life examples of success, but it will also reveal how much they know about the position they are applying for.


What is 25 times 25?

It’s not a trick question and it’s another one that Anthony Tjan likes to ask. He says that it helps figure out how candidates handle pressure. We think it’s brilliant. It may not prove they have the education for the job but thinking on your feet and having good problem-solving skills is crucial to most positions.



Interview Questions to Determine Whether or Not Your Potential New Hire is a Team Player

Have you ever wanted to hire someone that doesn’t know how to get along with others? No? I thought so, and for good reason. Whether the job description is to work in a direct team or not, your company is a team and you’re going to need team players. Here are some questions that can help you weed out the sore-losers.


What is your ideal work environment when it comes to the level of interaction amongst co-workers?

Simply stated, this question almost blatantly asks if they like working with others or not.


Give an example of a time when you disagreed with your colleague or manager. How did you deal with it?

This question reveals how the potential new hire deals with hard decisions and disagreements within a team. If a candidate says they don’t ever have disagreements, question it, you want them to be honest as well.


Tell me a time you worked on multiple projects with multiple different teams. What did you find to be challenging the most?

The nature of this question is get a gauge on the interviewee’s ability to balance different tasks and work with a variety of different roles and people.



Interview Questions to Gain Insight on Work Ethic

A potential employee’s work ethic might be the most important trait to discover in an interview. How hard are they going to work for you? What drives them?


What goals have you set for your life and what are your steps to reach them?

Finding out what matters to them most will help determine their work ethic. Are they working hard to reach those goals?


Describe a time you went above and beyond your responsibilities for the greater good of your team or community? Why did you do those things?

This gives you a good idea of what they think going above and beyond is for a team.


What was your first job and why did you choose it?

TruPath gave us this question and we love the idea of seeing what motivated them early on in their career. The type of job, industry, and when their first job was are all great indicators of their drive.



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