Top 5 Tips for Year-End Teacher and Staff Appreciation

June 8, 2015

As the school year comes to a close, it’s important to give your teachers and staff a proper summer send-off. Consider these five tips to make your appreciation memorable and impactful!


Take a Longer Look. Whenever we look for reasons to recognize and appreciate someone after a long project, it’s easy to focus only on what’s happened recently. Consider more than just the past few weeks, and highlight stand-out moments from the entire year. Tip: Try taking it month-by-month to come up with a few ideas. Look back in your email or at event calendars to jog your memory for what was going on months ago.  

Get Personal. Just like snowflakes or grains of sand, no two teachers or staff members are exactly the same. Recognition shouldn’t be, either! While your gift item may be the same for every staff member, what you write in each of their cards should be personal, encouraging, and complimentary. Tip: Look at your school’s mission and goals, how did each member help you achieve those goals throughout the year? From knowledge to compassion, reliability to innovation, or simply just being a smiling face for your community, there are so many reasons to say thank you.


Consider Your Timing. The timing of your recognition is so important. It’s best to present your gifts at a time when you know your teachers and staff will not be distracted. By doing this, your thoughtful gesture has more time to sink in and make an impact. Tip: Many schools have a day or two after the students are done for teachers and staff to clean up and organize their spaces. Use this time to show your appreciation, whether in person individually, at a meeting, or by leaving each gift on their desks.

Create a Keepsake. Each school year provides many photo-ops for teachers, students, and staff. Compile the best ones and create a photo book to give as a gift to your teachers. Make it a tradition and they can start a collection in their classrooms. Tip: Want to go above and beyond? Make one for each individual teacher using photos of just their class! In such a digital age, these would be treasured keepsakes for years to come!


Make it An Event. Many businesses host family picnics during the summer months. There’s something to be said for spending some time with your real family and your work family. Organize a summer picnic at a local park – or even at your school – for your teachers, staff, and their families to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice all year long! Tip: Are you wondering who’s going to fund this great idea? Make it a group effort by calling it a potluck and play some simple yard games. No need to overthink it to make it a great time!


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