Top Resources for Summer Company Event Planning (FREE Downloads!)

August 24, 2016 Abby Oberholtzer


Planning summer company events is tough. Should it be outside? How can we pump up the enthusiasm? If you want an event that’ll energize your team through the cold winter months but you’re stumped on the details, look no further! Check out our top resources to make your event a roaring success from start to finish.  


Free Planning Resources:

Event Checklist

Summer Team Event Ideas eBook


What You Can Do:

Ask Questions

  • How can you make sure your staff will love your event? Ask them for input! Everyone loves to give their two cents and employees are no different. Bonus: you’ll get a ton of creative options that you might not have thought of on your own.


Build Anticipation

  • Mention your upcoming event often! You might share the main outline of your event so everyone can be adequately prepared but consider keeping some details secret. A little mystery creates chatter and makes a fun water-cooler topic.

Make it Fun!

  • Keep your events lighthearted, celebratory, and full of activities and opportunities to socialize. It’s August and my team is still talking about last year’s year-end party. It was that A great event can unite your workplace and give your company culture an upgrade!


Swag Alert

  • There’s nothing better than presents. Themed party swag like t-shirts, drinkware, and journals is a great way to give gifts that will keep that loving feeling alive all year long. It never hurts to add an ounce of appreciation as well. A few awards for those who’ve hit it out of the park can really make your event shine.
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