Top Team Building, Engagement Boosting Event Ideas

July 12, 2016 Audrey

What do we want? Inspired, engaged employees! When do we want it? As soon as human(resource)ly possible! 


In management and HR, we know that passionate employees make a huge difference on company culture and the bottom line. It's our job to get our team's raring to go and hosting a team event is a great way to do that.  


We've compiled 6 top team building, engagement boosting event ideas below: 


1. Volunteer 

There's nothing more rejuvenating to an employee's spirit than giving back. It's a feel good activity that brings teammates together. Common options include volunteering at a homeless shelter or food pantry or building a home for Habitat for Humanity. Many of our employee's favorite memories and stories come from events with our Helping Hand charity. For volunteer options near you, go to



2. Field Trip

This year, our company picnic was at a West Michigan Whitecaps game and let me tell you, people loved it. Baseball is America's pastime but it helps that there was beer and brats aplenty. Even if everyone on your team isn't sports crazy, sporting events are a fun way to get out of the office to relax and mingle.


Plus some of our team members dressed up like eye balls and ran around the field... hilarious. 


Other great options include a trip to a museum, a brewery tour... the sky's the limit! 


3. Team Lunch

If you have a smaller team, a lunch every once in a while lets you break away from the mundane and blow off a little steam. I encourage you to consider food preferences and allergies when selecting a restaurant. That consideration won't go unnoticed! 



4. Games 

Affordable and relatively easy to organize, games make teamwork fun! 

  • Ping Pong Tournament - Mastering ping pong is about skill rather than fitness level, a plus for inclusivity. 
  • Board Game Tournament - An excellent indoor activity that absolutely everyone can do. 
  • An Afternoon of Yard Games - Badminton, Crocket, Bag Toss, etc. Nice weather required. Bonus points for saving moolah and hosting the games in your company's outdoor space! 


5. These Ridiculously Creative & Fun Ideas 


6. Award Ceremony

Employee recognition is incredibly encouraging and an award ceremony is a nice way to commemorate your employees' achievements. Depending on your company culture, the ceremony can be as serious or as silly as seems appropriate.


Plus, trophies never go out of style. 



*Don't Forget the Swag!*

Spice up your team event with a dash of party swag and you'll keep that rah-rah feeling all year long! Drinkware, journals, totes, and tees with fun sayings are daily reminders of their event inspiration.


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