Top Ten Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers, Students, Staff, and Volunteers

August 30, 2011

August is here, which means kids will be heading back to school very shortly! Start the year off right by welcoming back teachers, students, and staff with a small gift and welcome celebration. We’ve compiled our top ten choices for back to school gifts to make your planning easier! 


1. Sticky Notes for Teachers. Teachers will love this Flip Top Note Holder and use the handy sticky notes all year. Present this gift to teachers at a meeting before the students arrive to motivate them for the year ahead. 


2. Tumbler for Student Workers. Colleges and universities have lots of student workers who keep valuable school services up and running all day and into the night! Welcome your student workers back to school with a cool new tumbler


3. Tote Bag for Volunteers. Let volunteers know how important they are to your school. One of our themed tote bags is a practical gift they’ll use every day.  Or, shop more volunteer gifts here.

4. Journal and Pen Gift Set for Teachers. A journal and pen gift set provides your teachers with a notebook for staff meetings and conferences that will last months. 


5. Pen for Student Leaders. Recognize your student leaders with a welcome back gift. Any of our sharp-looking professional pens will serve as a reminder of the important role they have in your school. 


6. Sweet Treats for Students. Place a colorful sweet treat on each student’s desk for a sweet surprise and a warm welcome back to school. 


7. Goofy Guy Pen. Just for fun! Set the tone for fun with a unique goofy guy pen. It will give your teachers and staff a smile and entertain the students. 


8. Key Chains for Teachers and Staff. Your team will love carrying these fun, motivational key chains wherever they go. Choose the recognition theme that best suits your team for a memorable welcome back to school gift. 


9. Perpetual Calendar for Administrators. Your administrators and leaders will be “perpetually” on top of things this school year with a beautiful perpetual calendar to keep track of the days for them. 


10. Themed Badge Reels for the Whole School. Make safety and security a priority this school year by outfitting the school with themed badge reels. The badge reels come in lots of color options, so you can match your school colors! Plus, they're great for kids and will keep ID cards prominently displayed. 


Looking for more teacher appreciation ideas? Download our Teacher Appreciation Ideas eBook for 60 ideas for back to school, holidays, and year round appreciation. 

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