Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Coworkers Under $5

November 14, 2018 Julia Daihl

Tis’ the season to be savvy! The holidays bring lots of joy, delicious food, and often stress (let’s not kid ourselves). We stress about how we’re going to host our in-laws and the entire extended family. We stress about what we’re going to bring to the office potluck and finding the time to make it. We even stress about the gifts we are going to give to our co-workers.

The ideal gift is universal and budget friendly. Here are our top 10 holiday gift ideas that don’t break the bank.


Top 10 Gifts for Coworkers Under $5


Holiday Gifts - Sweet Like Gumdrops and Sugar Plums

Cookie Pops - Peppermint & White Chocolate


$4.25 each

Classic holiday flavors paired with a sentiment just as sweet makes this top gift

perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!


Cheerful Crispy

$3.75 each

A milk chocolate dipped rice crispy treat is on everyone's Christmas list- if it's not, it should be!


Hot Cocoa Spoon

$4.49 each

This rich Belgian dark chocolate melts into a heavenly, smooth drink and melts the hearts of everyone it's given to. Perfect for anyone who loves hot cocoa- so everyone!


Holiday Gifts - Trim the Tree

Joyful Tin Ornament

$4.49 each

Ornaments are always a safe bet to give during the holiday season. This especially, since it's so cute. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't love it on their tree!


Festive Felt Ornament

$4.49 each

This adorable face is the main reason why we love this ornament! Pair with chocolate covered pretzels and your gift is ready to go!


Holiday Gifts - Festively Functional

Metallic Card Case

$2.95 each

Calling all fashionistas! This card case is super cute and makes caring your business cards a breeze.


Colorific Value Journal & Pen Set

$2.95 each

This colorful journal is bright and fun- perfect for any organization-loving coworker!


Artful Value Shopper Tote

$3.95 each

These totes are like today's modern woman- they make a statement and they are versatile- we love them!


Holiday Gifts - Appreciation and Hydration

Value Carabiner Canteen

$4.49 each

We love how on-the-go this water bottle can be! Hands free carrying makes it a must-give item for busy team members!

Value Wide-Mouth Wellness Bottle

$3.50 each

This 21 ounce water bottle is made to keep people hydrated. The wellness nut in your office will appreciate this gift!


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