Welcome to the New Baudville!

June 19, 2009

Baudville has long been dedicated to creating and maintaining an engaged and productive workplace culture. Today, we kick it up a notch as we reveal our new identity and over 250 new products  designed to increase employee engagement and make recognition easy. 

We realize that things are challenging for employers, managers and employees alike, and we feel recognition in the workplace has never been more important. We’ve turned our focus to day-to-day recognition to accommodate the changing workplace. 

Day-to-day recognition praises a greater number of people more often, making it a more effective way to motivate, engage and retain your people. (Read our White Paperto learn more.) 

That’s why we’ve developed over 250 new products and 10 new themes. All our products are designed to be affordable and easy to use. When you equip yourself and your team with these new tools, you’ll soon find yourself creating recognition exchanges that make an impact – without breaking the bank. 

As your place for daily recognition, we not only have innovative products and tools, but we’ll also frequently bring you tips, news and helpful information about day-to-day recognition and workplace issues. Through our blog, our monthly e-newsletter and our social media involvement, you can get our most frequent updates. 

Cheers to working together to achieve a more engaged workforce! 

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