What Does Your Workspace Say About You?

June 16, 2015

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but are you judging your co-workers desk by their clutter or lack thereof? I am guilty! I am by no means the most organized one here, but I have looked over before and wondered “how in the world can someone work in those conditions!?” or “your kid is cute, I get it…” So it got me thinking, not one space is the same (unless you have strict cubicle guidelines) So, what is your space saying about you? I took on the task to find out what’s going on in our offices at the ‘Ville...


I must say, I saw it all.  From left over lunches, to plants, to stuffed animals, we all have our own little special something at our desk that makes it our own. Where do you fall into the world of office space? Here are my top 5 finds:

  1. I just love my family space. Your walls are filled with family photos and Disney coloring sheets because you are one proud momma (or dad!) and want to show off your kids. After all, you made them, they are worth showing off. There may be an occasional pacifier or Tonka truck that shows up on your desk from time to time also, because you never know when the kids might show up for a surprise visit.

    2. I’d rather be anywhere but here space.
    Gorgeous beaches, snow covered mountains, whatever your dream vacation is, it’s all over your walls. You’d much rather be there every day than in your 10X10 cube that doesn’t even have a window to look outside. We can all dream, right?
    3. What is organization? space. 
    They make every type of desk organizational tool, from folders to shelves, but nothing works. It’s just not your thing. If your mother ever stopped by, she’d be appalled. Hey as long as you know where everything is when you need it, you’re good, right?
    4. No kids, just pets space.
    You love your family just as much as the other family-loving co-worker. But your family consists of four legged friends. Kids aren’t your thing, but your dogs (or hedgehog) are! Your cubicle décor matches your “I <3 poodles” bumper sticker on your car. Sometimes your pet visits the office, and you have treats in your bottom drawer for when he does.
    5. Who works here? space.
    Every time your not-so-organized co-worker walks by your desk, they roll their eyes and say something under their breath, because your desk is just too clean. When it comes to finding something, you have no problem. Everything is clean, neat, organized and where it needs to be. So clean, your coworkers have asked if you were fired while you are on lunch, because it looks like no one works at your desk anymore!

    Your desk area can say a lot of about who you are, clean or dirty. Not one desk is perfect, or right; they are all great in their own way. So next time you look over and judge the heaping pile of paper on your co-worker’s desk, or their “love fern,” remember your space is saying something about you, too!

We’d love to see what your work space is saying about you. Share below!

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