Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees

July 15, 2022 Scott Gillis


Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees

Work anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to look back on everything an employee has accomplished over the past year, to thank them for their loyalty to the company and to celebrate all the opportunities that still lie ahead.

HRM/Globoforce survey found that:

  • 90 percent of companies celebrated five-year anniversaries.
  • 92 percent celebrated 10 years.
  • 89 percent celebrated 20 years.
  • 28 percent celebrate first year anniversaries.
However we are living in a climate where short work tenures are the norm. According to a 2021 report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),  more than 40%  of U.S. workers are currently actively seeking a new job or plan to do so soon. 
That said, acknowledging work anniversaries validates employee commitment. In other words, it ensures loyalty is recognized and not "taken for granted." Beyond the the standard years-of-service gift, here are some other ways you can recognize those loyal employees on their "workiversary":
1). Have a Party with a Shout Out Wall: For earlier anniversaries, like someone’s first, second, or third, a great way to offer recognition is to have a team-wide or office-wide party to celebrate the person’s accomplishments. SHRM and Globoforce found that peer-level colleagues are the least likely to be involved in an employee’s anniversary celebration, but they’re often the most able to provide meaningful recognition of what a person has done.
2). Donation to Charity in Their Name: Giving to your employee’s favorite charity in their name will make them glow with pride. It doesn’t even need to be a surprise. Just ask your employee which charity they care most about.
3.) Remote Work Time: Remote work is a great way to offer special consideration when you can’t afford to let employees take time completely off. It helps people to feel respected by offering them flexibility and self-determination, and it can even boost their productivity in the process. 
4.) Personalize Their Gift: When it comes to making a long-lasting impression, personalized gifts rule. Think of personalization as the icing on the cake. Cake (the gift) is great, but by adding frosting (personalization), you create extra sweetness that makes the whole thing richer and more memorable. A thoughtful gift goes a long way in making the person feel appreciated for all they contribute. It can also boost their morale for years to come.


Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees

Spotlight Crystal Trophy
Delightly: A Toast to You
Numeral Awards
If you start to show appreciation in ways that speak individually to your employees they’ll start to notice, especially during big life events such as a work anniversary. As the recipient of praise, they’ll be inspired to work hard and produce great results. As the observer of praise, they’ll learn from you how to be a great leader in the workplace.
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