Year End Employee Gifts - To Give a Ham... or Not?

December 22, 2016 Audrey


The classic holiday gift is the ham. It's big. It's awkward - and in this day and age, it might even be insulting. With religious and cultural differences and dietary restrictions, it can be hard to find the perfect way to say "thank you" to your employees for a great year. Fortunately, these guidelines will help you celebrate and appreciate your team in style: 

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End of Year Employee Gifts How-To

Depending on the size of your company, make time to personally thank each of your employees and show them that what they do matters to you. A personal note is a great way to do this. 


It's pretty unlikely that employees will respond negatively to receiving a year-end bonus. If you plan on giving $$ this year, make sure to make it noticeable. Consider hand-delivering a paper check. A personal exchange and tangible takeaway has a bigger impact than a slightly larger electronic deposit.  

Design and wrap up a custom ornament for each member of your team. They'll remember 2016 fondly when they hang up their beautiful, commemorative ornament every year. This option makes a wonderful addition to a check and a warm handshake or it can be a great, low-cost gift on its own. 


If you can, close things down early to give your employees more precious time with their family. This isn't always possible but even an extra hour here or there will be greatly appreciated. 

Whether you choose the salty, savory treat of a Christmas ham or an extra day of PTO to ease holiday travel, you can't go wrong when you follow these tips for appreciation that makes an impact.


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