Your 4 Step Guide To Rocking Employee Appreciation Day

February 26, 2021 Lane Hokanson


We're gearing up for the fun that is Employee Appreciation Day!

(Add it to your calendar if you haven't already: March 4!)

While we are firm believers that every day should hold some appreciation, it's special to have a whole day dedicated to cheering on your team.
Here are our 4 quick and easy tips to making this Employee Appreciation Day unforgettable!

1. Step one, have awesome employees to appreciate!

(Hint: you already did this one, so check it off your list).

2. Notice what makes your team tick!

Everyone has different motivators! We love quizzes here at Baudville (think of us as Buzzfeed-junkies) and so we use things like enneagram or love languages to figure out the best way to support our teammates.

Think of this way: would your employee like a public shout out? A private e-card? A box of candy? Your goal is to make them feel as appreciated as possible, and that means something different for each person!

However, we feel obligated to point out: a kind word or a sweet treat is always guaranteed to be a good gift. So when in doubt, go that route! (We just made up that rhyme but we're going to make it A Thing™).




3. Add an unexpected surprise.

It could be an early wrap time, a free lunch, or a coffee voucher. (Psst, not in the office? You can send virtual gift cards from most local establishments for lunch/coffee/a happy hour drink!)

Honestly, some of what we're missing most these days is the feeling of connection, so a team-bonding activity is always a good idea. Whether that's a spread-out activity, a virtual happy hour, or an online board game, it's always fun to hang out with your team and just have fun!

Want to take the guesswork out of the giving? Deliver gratitude to their front door for an inclusive experience. Shop our Delightly line here.



4. At the end of the day, just say thank you!

No matter how you demonstrate the gesture, the most important aspect of Employee Appreciation Day is just that: to say thank you and express your appreciation. We are people-powered here at Baudville, and we know that without the inspired people who show up everyday, we literally wouldn't be here.

So even if it's simply expressing your gratitude with a free e-card or a box of doughnuts for the team, saying a little thank you is sure to have a big impact.




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