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Tips on How to Present a Trophy

How to Present Trophy

With a show of hands, who’s ever wanted a trophy? Oh good, it’s not just me. Being awarded a trophy means you did something great. You reached a high achievement! Your hard work has paid off and the feelings of fulfillment and gratitude rush through your body – YOU DID IT!

We know how important a trophy can be. That’s why it’s equally important that you’re presenting it in a way that is just as special as the award.

Not all trophies are the same and not all achievements are either. Presenting a trophy in the appropriate manner could determine how the recipient feels when receiving their award.

Here are a few ideas on how you can present awards:

How to Present a Trophy

Host an Award Ceremony for Employees

Give employees a standing ovation with a yearly award ceremony. A lot is accomplished within a year and it’s more than likely that a few employees have stepped it up and went above and beyond. Hosting a year end ceremony gives you the chance to celebrate everyone and their accomplishments, while highlighting the standouts that really made a difference.

Different award categories like “This Year’s Shining Star” or “Key Player” that you recognize each year, give employees something to strive for throughout the year as well!


Have an All Staff Meeting

Some achievements may need to be recognized before the end of the year but still deserve a company-wide audience. Gather your employees together for a mid-year or quarterly meeting and recognize above and beyond efforts. This is a great time to showcase peer-nominated recognition, too!

Recognition shouldn’t just be recognized by the executive team. It’s important for peers to recognize their peers. Encouraging staff to recognize each other as rockstars will help foster a sense of camaraderie within your culture.


Give in Front of Your Team

You may have an employee that’s been a huge team player by helping co-workers with their work and staying late to complete projects consistently. Though this act is worthy of company-wide recognition, it may be more meaningful and impactful to be given their trophy by just their team.

Host a catered lunch for everyone and have your own mini award ceremony. Team members can have the chance to tell the awardee face-to-face why they deserve the award. Talk about a team bonding moment!

Making Your Trophy Presentation Extra Special

You now know the different settings you can present an award in, but what about how it’s physically presented?

Make it Gift Boxed

Trophies often come in a gift box. If it does not, be sure to ask how it will be packaged. You’ll want to make sure there is some sort of packaging that can be presented to the awardee after given the trophy to make sure they can safely transport their award to the location they’d like to show it off.

If proper packaging isn’t provided, opt for tasteful gift wrap!

Present it with Another Gift

Trophies are great desk jewelry. They’re pieces that should be displayed in a prominent place on your desk, because the hard work that went into receiving the award is brag-worthy!

They’re not always practical, however. So, if there’s room in the budget, pair their trophy with a small gift, like personalized drinkware, for them to use on a daily basis!

They could tote around a sleek water bottle that tells everyone how great they are with one of Baudville’s exclusive graphics!

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