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Top 10 Ideas for Employee Service Awards

Service Awards

Employee service awards are the most common form of recognition given in the workplace with 88% of U.S. companies having a program in place (World at Work). With awards being given so often, it’s important to keep the program fresh and exciting with new ways to celebrate.

We’ve put together our top 10 ideas for employee service awards – many of which we’ve tested ourselves. We promise they will thrill your team!

Top 10 Ideas for Employee Service Awards

1. Shopping Trip

Give the award recipient a gift card to their favorite store so they can go on a mini shopping spree! At Baudville, our Dedicated Service Award Card allows employees to shop at more than 70 of their favorite retailers – with one card!

2. Party with the Team

Order a cake and invite the entire team to celebrate employee service awards. Hold the celebration monthly or quarterly and celebrate groups of employees together.

3. Commemorative Gift

Honor the employees’ years of service with an engraved trophypersonalized pen set or journal to commemorate their achievement.

4. Treat Them to Lunch

At Baudville, every employee is treated to lunch by their manager on their anniversary date. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment, discuss work, and have fun!

5. Group Greeting Card

Employee service awards can be honored by the entire team! Ask the whole team to sign an anniversary greeting card for the recipient.

6. Travel

Treat your employee and their family to a weekend getaway at a popular destination in the area. Book the retreat for them or present them with a voucher for the weekend of their choice. They’ll love the gesture and the memories that come with it!

7. Highlight a Hobby

For truly memorable employee service awards, select a gift that’s unique to the award recipient’s interests. Baudville once recognized an employee who loved to fly with a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride!

8. Certified Awesome

Recognize their dedication and commitment with a certificate. Have it waiting for them on their desk with a special treat and gift!

9. Gift of Time

Few employees appreciate anything more than time off! Baudville employees celebrating 10 or 20 years of service are treated to some extra time off.

10. Company-wide Celebration

For employee service award milestones, like the founder’s anniversary or a 30-year award recipient, organize a company-wide celebration. Gather all staff for a brief award presentation and treat everyone to cake or a champagne toast. Cheers!

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